Laser distance meter-tipped Pocket Compass - PocoRay -
PocoRay is a small, portable laser distancemeter-carrying compass.
The laser distance meter can measure distances quickly and accurately, eliminating the need for equipment such as measuring tapes and other such systems.


Measuring range : 50m(reflectorless) 150m(with reflector)
1,120g including batteries
Battery life : 10,000 shots available
Speed : Quick measurement for 0.5sec at shortest.

Compass circle Dia.=70mm 1deg
Magnetic needle Induction damper employed
Vertical circle semi-circle, 1deg
Telescope irreversible, erect, 12x
Power Size AA cell (2 pieces)
Weight(main body) 1,120g including batteries
Weight(case) 920g
Measuring range 0.2 ... 150m
Measuring accuracy +/-1cm
Resolution in range 1cm
Laser power < 1mW
Wavelength 650nm(red)
Laser class 2 / II
Measuring time 0.5 ... 6 seconds